2 in 1 Transformer Car Toy Remote Control
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2 in 1 Transformer Car Toy Remote Control

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for your son or nephew, then this transformer car toy is the one. Young boys love playing with toy cars. What more if the toy car can transform into a robot? With this toy, it is like hitting two birds with one stone since this toy has many forms. More so, this is also perfect for transformers fans where this toy took inspiration from. Now, you can enjoy your childhood favorite again with this toy. You can also share your love for the film, transformers, to your child by playing with them. It is no secret that little boys love to play with cars and robots so, why not give them both. You no longer have to choose which of the two you are going to give. Not only will they love this gift but it saves you money as well.

This is more than just a toy car, but this is a remote control toy car. Your kid can have fun trying to drive this car around. This will help them practice and it also makes them think they are actually driving it. Consequently, this helps in developing your child’s imagination. The transformers car comes with a remote control where the user can move the car around. More so, it has easy to understand and use mechanisms so the user won’t have a hard time handling it. Also, the remote can connect to the toy even in far distances.

If your kid starts getting bored with the car, then they can play it as a transformer robot as well. With just a few simple movements, you can transform the toy car into a transformer robot. This makes it a lot cooler than other remote control cars out there.

2 in 1 Transformer Car Toy Remote Control

  • Give this transformers toy car as a gift to a child, they will definitely enjoy playing with this
  • It has a remote control where you can drive it around whenever you please
  • You can transform this toy car into a transformers robot as well
  • Car Battery: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries/ Remote Control Battery: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Robot Size: 17 x 15 x 18.5cm
  • Car Size: 23 x 9.5 x 5.5cm
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x Transformer Car Toy Remote Control
    • 1 x Remote Control