Mobile Stand For Table Cellphone Holder
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Mobile Stand For Table Cellphone Holder

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If you want to free your hands from holding your smartphone, then get this mobile stand for table. At work, when we are on our break, we want to watch some movies to keep us relaxed. We deserve to have some time off watching whatever we like to keep us entertained. But holding our phone for long makes our hands and arms sore. So free your hands and use this holder for that. You will be able to enjoy binge-watching your favorite series if you won’t keep on holding your phone. Place it on your desk and make yourself comfortable. Let this mobile stand for table hold your phone for you. It is suitable to use when you are playing some games, watching videos, or while you browse the internet.

With its adjustable angle, it can cater to your different viewing angles need. Above all, you can get to choose your preferred viewing angles from 0-100°. This mobile stand for table is easy and convenient to use at home or in your workplace. Furthermore, it comes with an anti-slip silicone pad design. Hence the rubber cushion will keep your device from sliding. You can be sure that your phone won’t slip and fall because of it. Well, it can also prevent your phone from getting scratches.

This mobile stand for table is durable and practical to use. When your watching movies with subtitles, you can be sure that you can read the subs easily. Most importantly, it is convenient to take it anywhere with you. It has a slim and foldable design that makes it easier for you to put it in your bag. It doesn’t take too much space so you have nothing to worry as it is not bulky.

  • Perfect and convenient to use for playing games, watching videos and reading
  • Adjustable multi-angle, simply adjust and choose your preferred viewing angles from 0-100° to meet your different viewing angles need
  • It has an anti-slip silicone pad design to keep your device from sliding and scratches
  • Material: ABS
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Mobile Stand For Table Cellphone Holder