Mosquito Exterminator Led Lamp
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Mosquito Exterminator Led Lamp

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Are those annoying Mosquitos eating you alive? Stop giving them free meals!

It’s time to say BYE to Mosquitos! 

Are you annoyed by mosquitos while you are trying to fall asleep at night? Or don’t want to wake up only to find that those are some red spots on your skin. It’s time to get yourself the Mosquito Exterminator! Draws little power by only a USB connection. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use!

How it works: It operates and kills silently, so you would not be disturbed while you slumber peacefully. Engineered and built with hydrodynamic ‘fluid” bearings allows the vacuum to be powerful while not making a sound. It works by drawing in the mosquito with the light and drying them out causing all of them to die quietly.

  • Low-Frequency Attractor – The Mosquito Trap has a 35dB frequency that further attracts mosquitos while being completely silent to humans and pets.
  • Anti-Escape Trap – An auger-type chassis is situated at the bottom of the vacuum fan. Giving the mosquitos nowhere to escape.
  • Dehydration – Once the mosquito has been tricked into the trap, a dehydration process occurs, killing the mosquito within minutes.
  • Easy Clean-Up – To clean, simply unplug and twist off the bottom of the Mosquito Trap and dump out contents.
  • 100% NON-TOXIC – Unlike competitors, our Mosquito Trap is 100% Non-Toxic. Using only electricity and scientific, peer-reviewed documents on the instinctual nature of the Mosquito to trap and eliminate them.

Tips for usage:

1. In the bedroom, it is recommended to leave it on 3 hours in advance, and close the doors and windows and curtains, ensure that the light source on the mosquito lamp is the only light source in the bedroom.

2. It is recommended to use it continuously for 24 hours. It is best to open the mosquito box after 36 hours to help kill the mosquito.

4. It is recommended not to put the mosquito lamp near people because the human body emits a scent that attracts mosquitoes, which is more attractive to mosquitoes than light sources and therefore will reduce the effectiveness of the mosquito killer.

5. The mosquito box is recommended to be cleaned once every 3 – 4 days to keep cleanliness.