Travel Dog Bowls Collapsible
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Travel Dog Bowls Collapsible

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This travel dog bowls are certainly useful for your pets. Whenever you want to bring your dog along, be sure to have this collapsible bowl with you. Moreover, this is certainly convenient to carry since it has a strap. As they say, dogs are man’s best friend. And that’s true enough, you may have experienced it yourself or seen it with your friends. There are many pet animals that we can have, but the dogs have a certain attitude that makes them the best buddy. With this, they deserve also the best. Likewise, feed them with just enough food and water with the use of this bowl whenever you go outdoors.

To give you convenience in using this travel dog bowls, it can be folded and collapsed inside its container. Moreover, it contains 2 bowls for your dog to use during eating. You can fill the bigger bowl with the food. While the other is perfect for putting water for your dog to drink. Likewise, it has a zipper closure to keep and secure the bowls inside when not in use. It is made of durable oxford material in its outer layer that is resistant to scratches.

Travel Dog Bowls Collapsible

You will certainly find this travel dog bowls useful since it’s waterproof. With this, you can be sure that the water or any liquid you put inside the bowl will not leak. Likewise, this is easy to carry and bring anywhere with you since it has a strap. You can hang it anywhere by using the strap. Now, you can have a clean bowl for your pet dog to use when its time for feeding. Moreover, bring your pet whenever you go on picnics or campings. And don’t forget to have this travel dog bowls to give you convenience in feeding your furry friend.

  • A portable and convenient feeding bowl for your pet dog to use outdoors
  • It is a collapsible and folding bowl that you can carry anywhere with you
  • Has a zipper closure and hand strap to secure the bowl inside
  • Material: Oxford, nylon, 3M reflective
  • Dimensions:
    • Bigger bowl: 1.7L (capacity); 14cm (inner diameter); 15cm (outer diameter); 10cm (height)
    • Smaller bowl: 1.0L (capacity); 12cm (inner diameter); 9cm (height)
  • Package content: 1 x Travel Dog Bowls Collapsible